Cuke Mule

Hanson Cucumber vodka, Gosling's ginger beer, lime



The Relapse
Don Q Añejo, lemon, maple syrup, hellfire bitters


Wasp's Elbow
Farmer's gin, lemon, cardamom honey, maraschino


Smoking Crow

High West Campfire whiskey, 5 Spice syrup, orange bitters



Rotating Cider
$7 / $16.50 / $28

Pacifico Clara, Mexico. 4.5%   

Crisp, pale light and sweet. 

$7/ $16.50/ $32

Dogfish Head Sea Quench. DE, 4.9%
Lime peel, black lime, and sea salt
$7/ $16.50/ $28

Peak Brewery, Fresh Cut. ME, 4.6%

Bohemian/Czech Pilsner  
Grassy, Smooth with light malt.


Chimay Cinq Cents White Triple, Belgium, 8.0%    
Trappist Ale    
Fresh hops, muscat, raisins    
$10 (10oz pour)

Truly Wildberry Hard Seltzer, Mass. 8%%

Fruited Seltzer
Thirst quenching and yummy.

$8 / $20 / $32


Diamondback, Green Machine MD. 7%


Smells like weed tastes like a citrusy IPA


Bell Two Hearted, MI, 7%

American IPA    
Floral, citrus, piney hops  
$8 / $20/ $32

Guinness, IRL, 4.20%    
Irish Dry Stout    
Bitter and sweet, malt, roasted cocoa    
$7/ $17.50 / $28

Von Trappe, Koelsch, VT. 5.0%    

Apple, pears, lemon, hints of herbal hops

Guiness Blonde, MD, 5%

American Blonde Ale

Malt base, hop finish, subtle grain notes.


Add a shot of Redemption Rye $5

Diamondback Beer, Green Machine MD 6.1%


Smells like weed, tastes like an IPA


Maine Lunch, ME, 7%

New England Style IPA

Pine, citrus, resin, medium haze. Hard to get

$10/ $25 / $40

Mamas Yella Pils CO 4.7%

Czech Pils

Crisp, light smooth

$7/ $16.50 / $28

Bottle/Canned Beers


Maine Brewery Lunch,IPA MA 7%

New England IPA

Tropical fruits, pine, citrus

16.9oz bottle


Oude Gueuze, Tilquin, Belguim , 6.4%


Fruit and funk nose, faint lemon and earthy oak

16.9 oz bottle


Burly Oak Brewing Co, Aboriginal Gangster, MD 7.5%

American IPA

Lemon-Lime nose with a subdued malty sweet base

16oz Can


Sierra Nevada, Torpedo, CA 7.2%

American IPA

Caramel, pine, floral, dank apricot

12oz bottle


Founders, Dirty Bastard, MI 8.5%

Scotch Ale

Peat, earthy, sweet smoked caramel

12oz bottle




Brut Prosecco


Veneto, IT




Catalonia, SP


Sauvignon Blanc


New Zealand


Pinot Grigio

Vignetti Del Sol





Rambling Ridge

Sonoma, CA








Pinot Noir

The Pinot Project

Sonoma, Calif.





Sonoma, Calif




Vega Smoda






Angel's Envy (Louisville, KY) $18

Bakers (Clermont, KY) $14

Basil Hayden (Clermont, KY) $14

Bernheim Small Batch (Bardstown, KY) $12

Bib & Tucker Small Batch (Columbia, TN) $13
Blanton’s (Frankfort, KY) $18

Bookers (Clermont, KY) $13

Borough Bourbon (Washington, DC) $11

Buffalo Trace (Franklin Co. KY) $10

Bulleit Bourbon (Plainfield, IL)$9

Eagle Rare (Frankfort, KY) $14

Evan Williams 1783 (Bardstown, KY) $10

Evan Williams Single Barrel (Bardstown, KY) $11

Fillibuster Kentucky “Dual Cask” (Maurertown, VA) $14

Four Roses Small Batch (Lawrenceburg, KY) $10

Henry Mckenna Single Barrel (Bardstown, KY) $11

Hudson Baby (Gardiner, NY) $14

Jefferson Ocean (Louisville, KY) $14

Jim Beam (Frankfort, KY) $8

Knob Creek (Clermont, KY) $10

Legent Wine + Sherry Cask Finish (Clermont, KY) $10

Makers Mark (Loretto, KY) $10

Michter's Bourbon (Louisville, KY) $10

Noah's Mill (Nelson Co., KY) $10

Old Forrester (Louisville, KY) $10

Redemption Bourbon (Lawerenceburg, IN) $9 

Rowan's Creek (Bardstown, KY) $12

Tarnished Truth 9 year (Virginia Beach, VA) $12

Traverse City Bourbon (Traverse City, MI) $10

Traverse City Barrell Proof (Traverse City, MI) $12

Traverse City Port Finish (Traverse City, MI) $12

Widow Jane (Brooklyn, NY) $12

Willet 3 yr (Bardstown, KY) $12

Willet Potstill (Bardstown, KY) $15

Woodford Reserve (Versailles, KY) $11




Bulleit Rye (Plainfield, IL) $1`0

Catoctin Creek Single Barrel (Purcellville, VA) $10

Copper Fox Rye (Sperryville, VA) $10

Copper Fox Peachwood (Sperryville, VA) $12

District Made Rye (Washington, DC) $10

Few Rye (Evanston, IL) $12

Fillibuster Kentucky Rye (Maurertown, VA) $10

Gunpowder Rye (Portland, ME) $11

Hotal Tango (Indianapolis, IN) $10

Knob Creek Rye (Clermont, KY) $10

Knob Creek Twice Barreled Rye (Clermont, KY) $12

Michter’s Rye (Louisville, KY) $10

Old Overholt Bonded (Clermont, KY) $8

Pikesville (Bardstown, KY) $12

Ragtime Rye (Brooklyn, NY) $10

Rebel yell (Indiana) $7.

Redemption Rye (Lawerenceburg, IN) $8 

Rittenhouse Rye (Bardstown, KY) $8

Rodham Rye (Washington, DC) $12

Sagamore Spirit Rye (Baltimore, MD) $10

Sagamore Spirit Rye Double Oak (Baltimore, MD) $12

Sagamore Spirit Rye Moscatel Reserve (Baltimore, MD) $12

Sagamore Spirit Rye Vintner’s Finish (Baltimore, MD) $14

Sagamore Spirit Rye Port Finish (Baltimore, MD) $14

Sazerac Rye (New Orleans, LA) $10

Tarnished Truth 3 year High Rye (Virginia Beach, VA) $14

Templeton Rye (Templeton, IN) $10

Traverse City Rye (Traverse City, MI) $10

Whistle Pig Piggy Back (Shoreham, VT) $9

Whistle Pig Straight Rye (Shoreham, VT) $14

Whistle Pig Rye Crop No. 002 (Shoreham, VT) $16

Whistle Pig Old World Cask Finish (Shoreham, VT) $20

Whistle Pig 15 year (Shoreham, VT) $46


American Whiskey

Gentleman Jack (Lynchburg, TN) $10

Jack Daniels. (Lynchburg, TN) $9

Michter'sAmerican Whiskey $10

Stolen Whiskey (St.Petersburg, FL) $10




Balvenie Double Wood 12 yr (Speyside Single Malt) $14

Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 yr (Speyside Single Malt) $16

Benraich 10 yr (Speyside Single Malt) $13

Compass Box Great King St Glasgow Blend (Highland Blended Malt) $12

Compass Box Spice Tree (Highland Blended Malt) $14

Compass Box Hedonism (Blended Grain) $16

Glendronach Allardice 18 yr (Highland Single Malt) $47

Glenfidich 12 yr (Speyside Single Malt) $12

Glengassaugh Revival (High Single Malt) $12

Glenlivet 12 yr (Speyside Single Malt) $14

Glenlivet Nadurra (Speyside Single Malt) $16

Highland Park 12 year (Orkney Islands Single Malt) $15

Johnny Walker Black (12 year blend) $11

Lagavulin 16 year (Islay Single Malt) $16

Laphroaig 10 year (Islay Single Malt) $14

Macallan 12 year (Highland Single Malt) $12

Monkey Shoulder (Speyside Malt Blend) $12

Oban 14 (Highland Single Malt) $16



Bushmills (Antrim, Ireland) $9

Glendalough Double Barrel (Wicklow, Ireland) $10 

Glendalough 7 year Single Malt Porter Finish (Wicklow, Ireland) $12

Greenspot (Cork, Ireland) $12

Jameson's (Cork Co., Ireland) $9

Jameson’s Black Barrel (Cork Co., Ireland) $10

Jameson's Blender’s Dog (Cork Co., Ireland) $15

Jameson's Caskmates IPA (Cork Co., Ireland) $10

Jameson’s Caskmates Stout (Cork Co., Ireland) $9

Jameson's Cooper’s Croze (Cork Co., Ireland) $15

Kilbeggan (Westmeath Co., Ireland) $9

Kilbeggan Single Grain (Westmeath Co., Ireland) $11

Kilbeggan Small Batch Rye (Westmeath Co. Ireland) $11

Knappogues Castle 14 (Antrim Co., Ireland)$14

Midleton Barry Crockett (Cork Co., Ireland) $50

Paddy's (Cork Co., Ireland) $9

Powers (Cork Co., Ireland) $9

Proper Twelve (Dublin, Irelan) $9

Redbreast (Cork Co., Ireland) $12

Slane Irish Whiskey (Meath Co., Ireland) $10

Teeling Small Batch (Dublin, Ireland) $12

Teeling Single Malt (Dublin, Ireland) $15

The Irishman Single Malt (Carlow Co., Ireland) $12

The Irishman 12 yr single malt (Carlow Co., Ireland) $16

Tullamore Dew (Offaly Co., Ireland) $8

Tyconnell Single Malt (Louth Co., Ireland) $12

Tyconnell Single Malt 10 yr Port cast finish (Louth Co., Ireland) $15

Tyconnell Single Malt 15 yr Madeira cast finish (Louth Co., Ireland)$20

Writer’s Tears (Carlow Co. Ireland) $10




Fuyu (Honshu Island) $12

Hibiki Harmony (Yamazaki, Hakushu blend) $16

Suntory Toki (Hakushu single malt, Chita Grain blend) $14

Yamazaki 12 yr $30

Yamazaki 18 yr $60



Crown Royal (Manitoba, Canada) $8

Masterson’s Rye (Alberta, Canada) $12


Other Whiskey’s

Brenne Single Malt Cognac Finish (Cognac, FR) $14

Highwest Campfire (Scotch/Bourbon/Rye Blend; Park City, Utah) $14

Ole Smokey Moonshine (Blackberry, Apple, Fruit Punch) $7

Ole Smokey Moonshine (Salted Caramel, Mango Habanero) $9


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but guests are welcome to bring in food

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